Most of our ciders arrive in Utah via the DABC Special Order system.

(Big B’s Lazy Daze, Original Sin Black Widow & Dry RosΓ©, Eden Brut -Limited Distribution – are available in Utah State Liquor Stores)

Step by step, we walk you through a real time demonstration of how to place a special order for craft cider with the Utah DABC (, whether you are a consumer, bar manager or restaurant owner.

The state’s online special order system is the only legal way to currently order alcohol online for shipping to Utah for home consumption or on-premise wine sales.

Currently, you are required to order a CASE of any item – which typically means:

  • 24 Cans (12oz)
  • 12 Bottles (500ml or 750ml) – check our price list for minimum order quantities.

Shipping time varies by producer.

Contact us with any questions about special ordering any of our ciders.

Fun Facts about Special Ordering Cider via the Utah DABC

  • You must be 21+ to order.
  • You can select any Utah State Liquor Store to pick up your cider order close to home or your bar/restaurant establishment.
  • Consumers can order KEG of cider for enjoyment at home in Utah via the DABC. Check our price list for ciders available by the 1/6, 1/4, 1/2 barrel.
  • Kegs DO NOT require an additional deposit to the state. When empty, most of our producers’ kegs can be returned by calling the number imprinted on the side for pickup.
  • Cider over 5% ABV is LEGAL to pour on draft in Utah, because it is a wine and not a beer, which is limited to 5% ABV on tap by law.
  • Cider in a keg has minimal loss (no foaming like beer!) and flavors stay fresh longer.

Go here to begin placing your special order with the Utah DABC.