Ibantik Craft Beverages is on a mission to grow the craft cider scene at Utah bars & restaurants. One of the fastest growing categories in the adult beverage sector, craft cider has grown explosively in other regions of the US, and the trend is on the verge of coming to Utah establishments. That’s where we come in as an independent and licensed agent in the State of Utah to bring in cider brands as an industry rep.

We’re working with regional and national cider producers to build a diverse portfolio of hard cider brands and seasonal varieties that can be special ordered via the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Services (DABS) for on premise alcohol sales and at home consumption.

As a Utah licensed brokerage and manufacturers rep, Ibantik Craft Beverages helps out of state cideries looking to expand their distribution by helping cider brands navigate the complex Utah state alcohol laws and submits paperwork to the DABS to enable Utah restaurants & bars to special order craft cider by the case (cans, bottles and large format 750ml) and by kegs for draft cider for on-premise or personal consumption.

We consult with Utah restaurant owners and bar managers to develop a cider program within year round and seasonal menus. We are interested in partnering you to host special tasting events, cider education classes and training for servers and bartenders.


Matthew Ostrander is on a mission to be a leading educator and advocate in the craft cider movement by doing his civic duty to taste test as many ciders from around the globe as humanly possible and share that information with the general public. We publish his tasting notes from more than 225 cider brands on HardCiderReviews.com.

Background: MBA, University of Utah // BS Chemical Engineering, Michigan Tech

Certifications: Certified Pommelier™ (American Cider Association), Certified Cider Professional – Level 1 (American Cider Association), Foundation Certificate in Cider & Perry Production (Cider Institute of North America – CINA), Professional Engineer

Affiliations: American Cider Association, 2018 & 2019 GLINTCAP Judge (Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition)